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November/December 2017 Newsletter

Drippy the Droplet's Water Saving Tip:

Fix toilet leaks right away. A faulty toilet flap can account for as much as 17,000 gallons of wasted water per month.”  

Visit for more water saving tips and resources.

What's New:


The Hartstene Pointe Water System, I.D.31569O, located in Mason County recently violated the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for arsenic in drinking water.  Although this is not an emergency, as our customers, you have a right to know what happened, what you should do, and what we are doing to correct this situation. Click here for the full notice.  

At this time:
X   No action is required by the water users.          
X   Samples will be collected in the future as required.       

What is being done?
The new treatment facility was put online in July and is still undergoing optimization for Arsenic removal. We have had sample results as low as .005 or half of the MCL so once chemical injection levels have been optimized for this source we will remain below the MCL.        

For more information, please contact Mont Jeffreys at (360)427-2413,                   

Please share this information with all the other people who drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly (for example, renters or guests). 

New Water and Sewer Rates for 2018

The District has been working hard to control costs while being good stewards of the health of our community. As a result, the operating and maintenance expenditures will increase by only 1.2% in 2018. However, aging infrastructure and changing regulatory requirements require increased investment in the water and sewer systems to ensure system reliability and sustainability going forward. 

In order to address this need, the Hartstene Pointe Water-Sewer District Board of Commissioners has adopted new water and sewer rates for 2018. Monthly charges for residential connections will increase by $9.59, from $109.96 to $119.55. Monthly charges for vacant lots with a connection will increase by $3.95 from $45.80 to $49.75.

Beginning January 1, 2018, the total bi-monthly bill for residential water and sewer service will be $239.10. The total bi-monthly bill for vacant lots with a prepaid connection will be $99.50.  

Additionally, connection fees and Capital Facilities Charge (CFC) for new connections to the water and sewer systems will increase in 2018 by $200, bringing the total CFC to $4,500 ($1,800 for water and $2,700 for sewer).  

If you pay your bill through your bank’s online bill pay, please be sure to update the payment amount. If you are signed up for AutoPay through the District, the new rates will automatically be charged to your account beginning January 2018.

Are You Prepared  for Winter Storms?

Pacific Northwest winters bring the threat of high winds, freezing temperatures, heavy rains, and snow. As you prepare yourself for the winter months, consider the potential of storms effect on your water and sewer service.

Power Outages
Interruptions to electrical service, due to winter storms, present a potential for disruptions to water and sewer services as well. Help preserve the District’s water supply during an outage by only using the water necessary for drinking, cooking, and limited bathing. Also, reduce the amount of wastewater deposited into the sewer collection system in order to avoid overwhelming it, potentially resulting in sewer backups. Only after the electrical service resumes should you use your washing machine and dishwasher or conduct other heavy water-use activities.

Be sure you have an emergency water supply in case of a power outage lasting days or weeks. The District provides 30 gallon barrels, free of charge, which can be used for emergency water storage. Contact us if you would like a water storage barrel.

Freezing Temperatures
Even here in the Pacific Northwest, temperatures can dip low enough to cause pipes to freeze and break. Pipes that freeze most frequently are:
· Outdoor pipes, like hose bibs and sprinkler lines.
· Water supply pipes in unheated interior areas like basements, crawl spaces, attics, or garages.
· Pipes that run against exterior walls with little or no insulation.

You can take the following steps to protect pipes from freezing:
· Insulate both hot and cold water pipes located in unheated areas.
· Open cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing.
· Always keep your thermostat set to at least 62 degrees.

Some online articles suggest leaving a faucet in your home turned on during the winter months to keep your pipes from freezing. Please do not leave water running at your home. It will likely not be enough to avoid property damage and wastes hundreds of thousands of gallons of water, taxing our water system.

For more information on how to prepare for winter storms, visit

Annual Meeting and 2018 Budget Hearing

The District's annual budget hearing was held November 11th, serving as an opportunity for the community to learn more about the District’s current and future projects, proposed 2018 budget, and proposed 8.7% rate increase for 2018. There was also an opportunity for the public to provide comments and to ask questions of the Board and District management.

At their special meeting on Monday, November 20th, the Board of Commissioners will review the questions and comments received at the budget hearing and will adopt the 2018 budget.

Click here for the budget hearing presentation slides.

Click here for the 2018 Proposed Budget.

Pay Your Bill 24/7 With Our New IVR System!

Here is another fast and convenient way for you to pay your bills 24/7! No computer necessary. Simply call toll-free (877) 434-9310.

What is the IVR system?
The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system provides you with a complete bill payment system over
the phone. You can pay your bills anytime and anywhere. All you need is a phone.

How does it work?
You dial the toll-free number (877) 434-9310 and provide your water-sewer account number to locate your bill. The IVR system will tell you your account balance, the payment due date, and then guides you to make your payment. You continue to make payments using a credit card, debit card, or eCheck. You are provided with a confirmation number and notified whether the transaction was successful or not.

Additionally, you may call the payment center (800) 720-6847 and make payments over the phone with a live operator, if you’d prefer.

Both the IVR system and our payment center offer service in English and Spanish. (Note: Payment center Spanish service hours vary.) If you have questions about IVR, call Xpress Bill Pay at (800) 766-2350. Xpress Bill Pay is the online payment portal for Hartstene Pointe Water-Sewer District.

You also have the option of viewing and paying your bill online. Just click the "Online Payments" link at the top of this webpage.

Sewer Issues? We Can Help!

The District now has a sewer line inspection camera for investigating and locating sewer line issues. This can save hundreds of dollars in fees a plumber would charge to locate the source of sewer issues.

Please contact the District if:

· Sewage backs up into your home

· You smell sewage outside your home

· A manhole cover is missing or out of place

· A cave-in or ground settlement develops in your yard or street near a sanitary sewer

When you call us with an issue, we will respond as quickly as possible to investigate.

If a problem is found in the District sewer line, we will service the line and correct the issue. If the problem is found to be your private line, we will inform you as soon as possible so you may contact a plumber to service your line and repair any damage which may have occurred.

Go Paperless, Set Up AutoPay, and More With New Payment System

As a way to offer you more choices in how you pay your bills, Hartstene Pointe Water-Sewer District has partnered with Xpress Bill Pay, the premier provider for online bill payment systems. Through our new system you can get your bill electronically, check your balance, manage your automatic payment, make a one-time payment, and much more!

All you need is an Internet connection through a Web browser and an e-mail address. It’s simple to use. Every month we’ll send you a reminder e-mail to let you know when your bill is online. Then you just log in to your account at and view your bill. You can also see up to a full year’s history of your account online.

We offered this service at the request of our customers — You asked and we delivered! To sign up, just go to and follow the instructions there. It’s free to sign up and free to use. Sign up today!

New Water Treatment System Ribbon Cutting

Following five years of planning and design, and almost a full year of construction, the District’s new water treatment and monitoring systems are complete and online! The District celebrated with a ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony on Labor Day.

Sixty people attended the grand opening, which included tours of the new facility, a demonstration of how the new filtration system works, activities for children, and refreshments.

The new systems will optimize the District’s water treatment process, including arsenic removal, by replacing inefficient, failing drinking water treatment equipment and by providing real-time remote monitoring of the wells, treatment systems, and reservoir.

The $1.3 million dollar project is funded through a 20 year, 1.5% Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) loan.

Construction on the project was almost complete when the State Legislature failed to meet its deadline to pass the state’s 2018-2019 capital budget, which included funding of DWSRF projects. The District’s project funding has been suspended pending passage of the capital budget.

Not wanting to delay completion of this vital project so close to the finish line, the Hartstene Pointe Water-Sewer District Board of Commissioners chose not to suspend construction and to utilize the District’s financial reserves to pay the final project costs until a capital budget is passed. At that time, the District will receive reimbursement under the loan for the final project costs.

Please Contact the District Directly

We appreciate the community’s interest in the operation of the District. Your observations and reporting of potential system problems is very important to our success in preventing and addressing costly issues. It is important that these reports are made directly to the District Office at (360) 427-2413. Our telephone system will connect you with our general manager’s cell phone day or night. He can then evaluate the situation and respond accordingly.

Please do not contact HPMA staff regarding water and sewer related questions or concerns.

No Chemicals Down the Drain

Anti-bacterial soaps, disinfectants, and other harsh chemicals can wreak havoc on beneficial bacteria crucial to the wastewater treatment processes. Additionally, many chemicals cannot be fully removed and pollute our beautiful Puget Sound.

Chemicals, oils and greases, personal care products, medications, food waste, and other trash should be disposed of in the garbage can, not down the drain or into the toilet.  

Be On the Lookout For Leaks  

Observant residents reporting potential leaks often save the District many hours and resources attempting to locate leaks and treating large amounts of wasted water. If you suspect a water leak please call the District Office at (360) 427-2413 or send an email to